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Honey Do Wish List

If I were still married, and I could still make a "Honey Do" list, this is what would be on it this week...

1. Put the registration sticker on my car. It's been here for a month, and I, for some reason, can't make myself go out, scrape the old one off the windshield, and install the new one.

2. Change the light bulbs in the ceiling of the laundry room. And in my closet.

3. Program the buttons in my car to control the garage door and the access gate at home.

4. Pick up and assemble some shelves in the coat closet to store stuff in there until I have time to add "install cabinetry to turn coat closet into a bar" to the list.

5. Put potting soil in the pots out on the patio so that I can skip that part and go straight to "plant something pretty" in them.

6. Hang a TV in the kitchen so I can watch something ridiculous while I cook.

Is there any reason I can't do these myself? Probably not. Have I done it? Nope. For some reason, I find myself irritated that I can't pawn these off on someone else. Gives me a goal for the next week or so, though!

Do I miss having someone to do this for me? Heck yeah. Was it always as simple as adding them to a list and having them magically happen? Heck no. I'll probably do a better job myself, but sometimes making the list and then crossing things off systematically makes me feel better. And maybe I'll drag a friend over to keep me company while I do some of it. Even when I had my "person" I often did these myself, but I had company, and it made the chores less tedious.

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