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Home Improvement 101

So to continue my saga, I moved into a new (to me) house a couple of weeks ago. It's lovely. I downsized from the big marital home to something that really makes more sense for me, for my kids, and for my life as it is today. Now comes the difficult part. (or rather, ONE of the difficult parts) Unpacking, settling, and the improvement projects that are just necessary.

Top 3 Priorities:

  1. Hang chandelier over the dining room table. Is this scary? Yep. Can I do it? Also yep. Can I do it myself? Not quite, but only because it takes two sets of hands -- one to attach wires and one to hold the chandelier while it gets hung. An old friend assures me this is within my capabilities.

  2. Replace the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. It's Texas, and it's hot, and I can't sleep without a fan. Yes, I can crank the A/C down, but there's something about moving air and the sound of the fan blades that helps. There's a fan in my new room, but it makes an infernal ticking noise intermittently. All. Night. Long. Are you kidding me? The old house was across the street from some railroad tracks, and there was the hum of traffic not far away, so there was constant subtle noise all night. At the new house, we're on a cul-de-sac, and there is literally NO sound outside at night. Even in the middle of Houston. Which makes the fan sound impossibly distracting. And did I mention the fan is also ugly??

  3. Repair the toilet downstairs. Repair the toilet in the kids' bathroom. Repair the toilet in my own bathroom. I'll do a whole post on this soon. I'm getting to be quite the toilet expert (ha!) and spend the wee hours of the morning watching youtube videos of plumbers. Could life be any more glamorous??

I'll let you know as I tackle these things. Wish me luck!

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