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Who We Are

Simply put, we are you, a few years down the road. We've been through divorce, death of spouses, deployment of spouses, and everything in between. We're small business owners, former stay-at-home parents, career women, teachers, and attorneys.

The transition from having a partner to managing everything alone can be overwhelming. You're not in it alone. We can help you get going in the right direction again, teach you what you need to know, and help you find the path back. 

Our founder, Valerie, does much of the work, and always provides the initial consultation, but there is a team of us that work together as needs and time demands dictate.

Image by Adam Winger

Our Founder

Valerie Browning

A divorced mom of 2, Valerie grew up in the Texas Hill Country. She is one of three sisters, whose mom taught them that there wasn't a thing in the world they couldn't tackle, and they've all lived that. 

She works as a consultant in the medical aesthetics industry, collaborating with owners and physicians to take an overwhelming amount of information and turn it into something actionable. The same skills developed there can be applied to our personal lives. 

She attended Southern Methodist University and graduated with a degree in Psychology and followed that up with an MBA from The University of Texas several years later. Her career has spanned financial services, business management and several different service industries. She and her family still run a business coaching students preparing for academic competitions and she has a passion for education, learning, and teaching. 

She spends her spare time driving kids to and from various practices and schools, but when that's not happening, she enjoys cooking, painting, and even video games with her son. She has a phenomenal group of girlfriends, some of whom are married and some of whom are single, but all of whom are well-versed in leaning on each other when it's necessary. 

The goal of the company was to provide the same kind of non-judgmental, discreet support for others in her situation, and to ultimately have a network of like-minded women who can take on the world together.

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