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I haven't even started the official part of my divorce yet. Can you help me figure out what I have coming in, going out, and what I'll need to do to make sure I can do this all alone?

Yes, yes, and again, yes. It can be a daunting process to figure out whether "going it alone" is even an option. (Hint: It usually is, but it takes a support team) We're happy to get it all organized, help you see what's there and what isn't, and start to develop a plan. Divorce isn't what any of us imagine for ourselves, but it can be the beginning of something fulfilling, and you'll have support.

Why wouldn't I just use my financial planner?

You *should* use your financial planner for the big stuff. We can help for the little stuff. His or her time is best spent making sure you're covered for retirement, for kids' college, for big life purchases. We can make sure you have your ducks in a row to make sure the mortgage, utility bills, and small things are covered.

I'm not sure what I need yet. Can I hire you to work with me on a limited basis and then add services as needed later?

Absolutely. Typically, we come in to help with a limited scope project -- but often come back to maintain what we built together, or to help as new issues, questions, and projects come up. Our goal is to help you enough that you don't need us any more, but we'll do what it takes to get you there.

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