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We've all seen it - those people who spend thousands to organize their pantries, or to keep their kids' closets sorted. But what about the less visible stuff? What about the personal finances -- not the "how to I plan for retirement?" questions, but the "how am I going to get through the next 90 days without dropping any balls?" questions.

Life Maintenance

Keep your head above water, at least for this week

You probably know the person who comes to clean your house - but do you know who to call to repair the fridge? When to change the air conditioning filters? What about to clean the gutters?  We can help with all that -- from finding the right service person or team to figuring what you can do yourself and helping you learn how.

Modern Wooden House
Image by Kelly Sikkema

Personal & Household Budgeting

Are the ends actually meeting?

And where the heck does all the money even GO???

I've had a friend call the spouse that handles finances the "Family CFO" and indeed, that's much of the role. Short of long term planning, there's the day to day budgeting - what's coming in and from where, and what's going out, and where is it going? Stick with your financial planner for the big stuff - we'll help with the small stuff.

Technology Management

What's this box of cords,

and what do all these remotes really control?

We talked about the family CFO, but what about the family tech team? You want to cut the cord and switch to streaming services? Sure. We can help. You want to understand your tech doodads a little better, update all your passwords, Wifi networks, and make sure you know how to use it? We can help with that, too - if it's exceptionally complicated, we can help you find a person to do some really sophisticated stuff, but for the basics, we've got you covered. Without making you feel like a dinosaur.

Home Office
Image by Katy Anne


Who you gonna call?

This part is still in progress, as we build a base, but if you want to be part of this, we'd love to talk to you!  Either you've been there, or you will be -- but when it's time to do a job (even carrying something) that requires two people, or when it's time to call a service person to your home and you don't want to meet this person alone, it'd be lovely to reach out and have another likeminded person to call.   

When you just need happy hour or dinner with girlfriends, but most of your friends are married or otherwise attached, and dinner with 'chickens' sounds more fun, we envision a network of people you can reach for just this. Stay tuned for more development on this front, 

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