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A month or two ago, I went through finances again, and started to look for things that caused stress in general in my life. I divorced 6 years ago, roughly, and stayed in my marital home. It's expensive, too big for what I really need, and more maintenance than I care to admit, but it kept my kids in their school, their neighborhood, and around all the things that were familiar.

And while I didn't want to admit it, the idea of trying to get it ready to sell, put it on the market, catch up with deferred maintenance, and then sell it, find a new one, and last, but not least, move all my belongings was more than a little overwhelming. It was easier to stay put, ignore the fact that the mortgage and property taxes were more than I could really afford, and pretend the problem would solve itself.

This spring, it occurred to me that my son is finishing elementary school, so we no longer need to be zoned to that school. My income situation is changing, and I've taken a step back financially while I start this side business and get things moving in a better direction for the long term. I've provided stability for long enough that my kids can handle a little change at this point.

The only thing left was to admit it was time for a change, buckle down, and make it happen. It's been painful. And wonderful. and it continues to be both. More updates soon.

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